East End Promise – a multi-media event documenting and exploring the explosion of artistic and cultural activity that took place in London’s East End between 1985 and 2000 – is set to be one of the cultural events of the year. By exhibiting a large collection of representative artworks selected by the artists themselves, together with a mass of archive material (video, photography, audio), and a number of specially-commissioned new pieces, East End Promise will attempt to provide the first complete picture of one of the most significant movements of the late twentieth-century British cultural scene.

The show charts the activities of the ‘cultural migrants’ who came to the East End from all over the UK and abroad, moving into derelict spaces and filling the vacuum left by previous migrants. Unlike preceding post-war youth and cultural movements, which had mainly been based on consumption, these individuals – from a range of social and economic backgrounds – took advantage of the cheap rents to c