The printspace, {ourhistory} and Red Gallery are proud to present ‘Spirit of Ibiza 89′, the upcoming exhibition of photographer Dave Swindells, who was a Nightlife Editor at Time Out Magazine for over 22 years.

In this exhibition, Swindells presents a series of images giving us a once in a lifetime view into the Second Summer of Love (a period in 1988-89 when electronic dance music exploded in Britain’s club scene). His images focus on how ‘Balearic Beats’ – a multifaceted and unique fusion of rock, funky reggae, Eurodisco and Chicago house – as well as the ecstasy-fuelled clubbing style of life experienced in Ibiza, gave DJs the inspiration to create a freer and unrestricted club scene in London.

These images show the nightlife of Ibiza in the late ‘80s, with its open-air dance floors for those hot Mediterranean nights, drawing an all-ages, polysexual crowd in an easy-going hippie-inspired atmosphere. This atmosphere was nonetheless self-consciously stylish (unlike many of the dressed-down Brits). The clubbing culture to this time was very different too. ‘In these photos you won’t see people texting or tweeting, videoing their mates or posting on Facebook,’ explains Swindells. ‘Nobody had mobile phones, and the only person likely to be taking pictures was the club’s own photographer. So there was nothing else to do but live in the moment, enjoy the parties or watch other people having fun while dancing the whole night’.

If you are interested in more of what club culture in Ibiza and London was like at this time you should visit ‘Spirit of Ibiza 89′ at the Printspace Gallery from Tuesday 3 May to Wednesday 18 May 2011. The opening times are from Monday to Friday 9am –7pm at the Printspace Gallery on 74 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8DL.

Afterward the exhibition will continue at the International Music Summit in Ibiza.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 19:00 to Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 16:33