So Get Up - Call Out!

The Acid House Movement in Portugal 1991-1997

For 50 years Portugal lived under dark times dictated by Salazar’s right wing, conservative nationalist dictatorship. Portugal was isolated and closed off culturally to the world. That was until a new sound called Acid House arrived.

With a new generation too young to remember the dictatorship and too hungry to find their own cultural expression, it wasn’t until the late 80’s that Portugal started to breath the fresh air of democracy.

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Test Dept Presents Assembly of Disturbance

est Dept- Puce Mary [DEN] - DATE 5th till 7th OCT- Hannah Sawtell [ENG] - Nina [DE] - Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance [ENG] - Timothy Morton [USA/UK] - Disinformation Presents National Grid [UK] - Test Dept Presents Kontinuum [UK]- Rory Bowens [NIR] - Mike Pearson [WAL]-  Kris Canavan [NIR] - Alisa Oleva [RUS] - Malcolm Poynter [ENG] - Prolekult (Test Dept + autoPneumatx) with Disinformation Present +Electrification [UK] - Fuckhead [AUT] - Stirn Prumzer [AUT] - Vicki Bennett [UK] - Luke Turner [ENG] - Mira Loew [AUT] - Cara Davies [ENG] - Zenial [POL] -

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MUSICS - London’s first magazine for improvisers 1975 to 1979 EXHIBTION AT THE REDGALLERY 6/7/2017 TILL 15/07/2017

The Red Gallery is excited to announce the first of two very special exhibitions in collaboration with Eva Prinz and Thurston Moore and their imprint Ecstatic Peace Library. This first event will see the launch of a new Ecstatic Peace Library book entitled Musics at the Red Gallery on Rivington Street which is open to the public from Friday the 7th of July until Sunday the 16th of July 2017.

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Familiar stories being experienced nationwide including  similar patterns, the criminalization,  followed by difficulties with licensing, closure, developers…

Keith Reilly (Fabric), Mike Grieve (Sub Club), Annmarie Davies (Passing Clouds), Winstan Whitter (4 Aces, Hackney & Film Maker), Bill Parry Davies (Open Dalston) and David Hoffman (photographer), shared their personal experiences of clubs facing difficulties from the authorities making their survival impossible.

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Defending Our Music Culture

At this point in time, the fate of London’s music venues may be at a critical crossroads. After staggering statistics confirmed the demise of the city’s pubs, bars, clubs and venues between 2005 and 2015, London mayor Sadiq Khan set up multiple new initiatives in an attempt to start to reverse the damage. Although progress reports earlier this year have shown some improvement, last month’s sharp hikes in business rates have dealt yet another heavy blow to the future of the capital’s small traders and businesses, including a fifth of our grassroots music venues now at risk of closure in the face of such severe financial challenges. 

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Selecting the Right Picture Frame for Your Oil Painting

We all like to believe that we are artsy. Even though, sometimes, the simplest abstract art brings out the most critical aspects of ourselves. But a lot of attention is often focused on the art itself, and many overlook what makes it possible to appreciate the art even more; the frame.

Do you sometimes remove your focus from the painting, and take a few minutes to look at its holder? That fancy ornate covering that borders the edges? In some instances, it may be as simple as a smoothened piece of wood. Whatever the case, picture frames are just as important as the painting they protect and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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