Red Gallery ldn


for nearly 9 years, was Shoreditch’s the longest-standing, self founded cultural regeneration enterprise, curators of DIY culture; responsible for bringing art, music and events to London’s East End community.

In April 2010, we took over 1-3 Rivington Street, then a near-derelict building, empty for a year and a half, and made it into one of the London’s most exciting cultural hubs. We were a collective of creative individuals and organisations striving to bring together art, music and film via many varied cultural events, forging/cementing local, national and international collaborations/partnerships. With RED QUARTERS we offer low-cost space to artists and Internet start-ups.

We hosted exhibitions, live art, live music and club events, literary soirees, symposiums and film screenings. Under the ‘{ourhistory}’ banner we curated large-scale gallery shows and able to publish our own books and catalogues, covering subjects as diverse as the history of acid house and the future of art in the East End, with exhibitions such as ‘20 years of Acid House’, ‘East End Promise’, documenting worldwide Club Culture Estonian sub culture Soviet Hippies. Berlin’s Techno history, Paris French Touch, Tokyo Punks, Milan’s Italo Disco and with Tim Lawrence we archived New York art and music scene from 1975/80.

RED successfully pioneered this business model, underpinned by a Cultural Guardianship approach, in line with their vision of an expansive artistic culture and belief in Communitas. As part of this ethos we continuously consulted and worked with the local community to ensure working practices are aligned to community needs. Consequently, the spaces we manage were multipurpose, fluid and responsive.

re-designing the cultural blueprint, and drawing on previous cultural experiments, we saw ourselves as part of the great tradition of creative cultural migrants who moved to metropolitan areas such as London's East End, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and New York,  in an attempt to build long-term sustainable business strategies.

For the past 9 years at Rivington Street, RED in partnership with RED Quarters managed 12,000 square foot housing creative office space in; adding a retail space/art gallery  with a continually rotating calendar of events including: art exhibitions, live arts, music and charity events, literary soirees, symposiums, conferences and film screenings and commercial Pop-Ups.  And The unique, hireable outdoor events space, where RED pioneered UK’s first night time street food market. Red Gallery currently In Red Market /Last Days of Shoreditch with Electric Star group.

Events hosted: Product & Book Launches, Business Presentations, Photo Shoots, Film Screenings, Talks and Symposiums, Fashion Shows, Art Exhibitions, Theatre Performances, Film Festivals, Music, Art and technologies Festivals, Exercise Classes,  Zine Festivals, Private Views, After Parties and many more.

Corporate clients have included : Sky, Danone, L’oreal, Microsoft, Vice, Noisey, Viceland, Goose Island, Mini Cars, Atari, Lush, Sol Beer, Freixenet, Stirling Ackroyd, Visit Berlin, Sofar Sounds, Diesel, Nokia, Soundcloud, Concha Y Toro, Splice Festival, East End Film Festival, Anti University, Atari, Tresor (Berlin), Diesel, Nokia, Soundcloud, Concha Y Toro, A Number of Names (Millionaires Club), Boileroom, Printspace, Danone, Nexus, Goose Island, Noisey, Vice, Mini, Sky, DDB Films

Institutions, Colleges and universities include: AVU P(Prague), Westminster College, RCA (London), Central St Martins, Kingston Art College, Camberwell Art College, Goldsmiths University, Metropolitan University, London College of Communication, Middlesex University, Instituto Cervantes (Spain Embassy), Kultuuriministeerium (Estonian Embassy), French Music Bureu (French Embassy)Recession and beyond we remain committed to regeneration and creativity in the heart of London’s East End and beyond.

We are actively searching for other suitable premises, and always seeking out ideas and projects to consolidate our business model. We are now in dialogue with, and seeking suitable business partners who share our vision.