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  • RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

Group show

‘Alight while Train is in Motion.’

(Franz Kafka)

The Red Gallery presents ‘Velvet’, a group show by artists from the Czech and Slovak Republics living in London.

Sharing a collective memory and history of Czechoslovakia, a group of young artists responds to the cultural experience of temporality and novelty that London as a world metropolis offers.  In a variety of media,  an independent and personal oeuvre is formed  and developed. The show is revealing and concealing, moving between the positions of outside and inside;  engaging with themes of duality, ambiguity, and  transgression through the eyes of the post-communist and post-punk generation.

Fictional subjectivities become intertwined with an ironic contemplation of current social issues; the clash this occasions played out amid the walls of the gallery. References to Bataille’s writings resonate with stark sculptural non-objects, paused lyrics materialize in thin lines of paintings,  and glossy surfaces of shopping windows are left distorted by the artist’s interventions.  The notion of localizing art is entertained, yet its position is directed outwards to the cosmopolitan.

About the artists: 

Nina B.  works in a documentary style exploring a mechanics of personal memory and identity through the idea of dwelling and its real and fictional histories.  Nina studies Photography at Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. (

Marian Grolmusextracts artefacts of everyday experience and through the sculptural re-interpretation and use of industrial materials, their presence expands and challenges their assumed functions while re-examining their context. Marian is currently completing his Ph.D. and regularly exhibits internationally. (

Jakub Hosek draws upon a wide range of influences when constructing his paintings. Made using acrylic paint applied meticulously onto the canvas using hand-cut stencils of masking tape, Hosek's paintings have been described as being illustrative, appearing to describe a complex narrative in a single comic-strip-like frame. Double finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award, he has been an inevitable figure of young Czech contemporary artists since graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Hošek is a founder/curator of A.M.180 collective/gallery and AMDISCS: Future Reserved Label. (

Hana J’s  work deals with the experience of ambiguous  identity materializing in sculpture and installation questioning placement, function, and dislocation, gaining a delicate balance between a fragile vulnerability and robust autonomy. Hana exhibited internationally and she is also an art writer and curator for Artichoke TV. She is currently completing her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Hana Knížová ‘s  work focuses on perception and reflection of the female body and the ambivalent relation of the gaze, subject, and camera. Through a  psychological exploration of the familiar and anonymous the subject’s inner frailty is revealed,  exposing our own anxieties about body politics. Hana is a recent graduate of the MA Photography at the LCC and her work has been shown in many magazines. (

Jaroslav Kysa’s video, performance, and sculpture reflect on glamorized surfaces and rituals of the contemporary society. He positions his oeuvre in an interplay between seduction and repulsion in relation to money, oil, shopping, appropriated found objects and events which functionality and purpose he deconstructs. In April 2011, Jaroslav was selected the artist of the month of by the Dazed&Confused. (

Nik Timková, a current student of MA Fine Art in the Central Saint Martin's, works in various media ranging from meticulous drawing to collage, objects and photography using diverse materials as card and latex. Driven by emotional responses to the ambiguity of the unknown, explorations of the personal subconscious and fuelled with ominous poetics, she creates disturbing and evocative atmospheres with an eclectic and experimental vision.

Tereza Zelenková’s photographic works question a transgressive vision of human condition manifest through memento mori and still life, deeply influenced by George Bataille. Tereza is presently completing an MA in Photography at the RCA and her work appeared in the Vice magazine, British Journal of Photography and many others. (


Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 19:00 to Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 18:00