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  • RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

London's most outrageous party band.  Imagine T-Rex born in the future, creating music using Logic/Ableton.  This is The Coolness. 

A mix of theatrical pop rock and (uber-hip) electronic music.  Songs scene kids (East London/Berlin/Brooklyn) can dance to. 
Call it 'Stadium Cool' 'Spam Metal' 'Cool Wave'.  Whatever.  

The Coolness' formation coincided with the dawn of Facebook and iPhone…  
Only a few years ago, secretive 'Warehouse Party' style events - solely organized through social networking sites - were inescapable. 

Affordable Technology rapidly changed the landscape of clubbing, music and sociable gatherings.  The evolution of the internet meant any person with access to a suitable space or large collection of friends could become a successful promoter.  Bands became promoters.  
Handheld twit machines were no longer a satirical joke.

The music industry nearly died overnight. Reports flooded national airwaves including TV news of a 15-yr old whose household had
millions because been overrun by 100+ gatecrashers after a Facebook event went out of control.  Record company millions because
of free downloading on Myspace.  By 2009 the police/government changed some aspects of how the networking sites operated.  
Without the ability to offer it's users free downloads, Myspace soon faded away into the ether.  
Year zero never really happened - but the musical landscaped had changed greater than ever before.  Forever.

The Coolness originally performed at a small house and squat parties. (First ever performance at Rich Mix Warehouse space, Bethnal Green, London).
The Coolness was and still is an anti-band.  In the beginning, it was just Chaz John Ross (singer/producer), an iPod and a processing of transatlantic female stripping dancers.  Tired of sharing bills amongst dreadful libertinesque guitar poseurs, The Coolness made a short term pact to only perform at gigs organized and promoted by themselves.  Club Cool was born.  
It's ethos 'to showcase bands that don't rely on guitars'.  Secondly, just great songs. 
It doesn't matter if DJs can beat match - it's the clothes they wear.  No pretense.

Monthly Club Cool parties grew in popularity at an alarming pace.  A better vision required a bigger sound. 
Chaz added his school friend Eddie Lyons (drums) his then girlfriend Noemi (bass/synths) and her ex-boyfriend Geki (guitar/synths). 
Keeping it in the family.  The ethos extends to this:  In the 21st century, only people with coolness belong onstage (with or without technical musical talent).  Even homogenized TV shows (X-Factor etc) prove this fact. 

A prestigious gig at Bloomsbury Ballroom resulted with Noemi and a nameless dancer in a state of backstage oral copulation.
Vinny Dignan (also at the same show) was drafted in as a replacement.  The lineup finally settling.  
A series a series of self-recorded/self-funded/self-produced EPs have been released through bedroom label Skeletronic Recordings.  
Galactic ode to internet pornography, 2010s 'Trouser Arouser' EP caught the attention of Canadian electro producer Kindle (a close affiliate of Alan MgGee and Ladytron) who subsequently went on to assist the production of 2011's mixtape/remix LP 'Lost In A Disco'.

A series of music videos have been produced, notably 'Semen' (the band dressed as sperm and seamen), 'Set Me Free' (wrestling with Lucha Britannia) and most recently 'Take It Off' (dressed in mascots suits doing everyday tasks amongst a sex fuelled party).

Winter 2012 sees the release of the new eclectic 5 track EP 'Coolest Girl In The World?'.  For the very first time capturing the band's formidable live energy and on stage presence.   Whilst incorporating the unashamed sense of double irony and usual party sentiments these songs are also darker, slower and more heartfelt than anything previously heard by The Coolness.  Just who is the 'Coolest Girl In The World?'.
Man or woman, if you're still reading this then you most certainly are.

Lazers | TVs | Mannequins | Statues | Graves | Smoke | Mirrors
Skulls | Blood | Lipstick | Eyeliner | Strobing | VJs | Rock | Sex


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