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  • REDE GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

Urban Dialogues presents its annual art exhibition at Red Gallery showcasing the work of 20 artists alongside two new commissioned collaborative works in a show designed to raise questions about the interplay between art, belief, and identity.

The Urban Dialogues exhibition aims to challenge our understanding of who we are and what we believe. It showcases work from artists of a variety of artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. It is also home to a series of events transforming the gallery into a performance space, creating an environment for interaction and conversation between visitors.

Urban Dialogues 2013 Collaborations

Since 2010 Urban Dialogues has commissioned annual collaborative artworks by groups of artists of different faith and non-religious backgrounds. The program gives artists the opportunity to create artwork through a process of reflection and dialogue, acknowledging difference as well as discovering similarities and points of contact. Through King’s Cultural Institute academics are paired with the artists to see how they can influence new artistic approaches whilst seeing how art can inspire new ways of thinking.

For the first time this year, we will be documenting this whole process by making an online, interactive film which will be made available at the time of the October exhibition.


The 2013 collaborative commissions are:

The Wall Has Two sides, David Borrington and Aithan Shapira

Shapira and Borrington met at the Royal College of Art in 2006 - both's work and lives informed by edges, boundaries, and their practice in seeing multiple perspectives formed a lifetime friendship. This collaborative project sees the two artists working together for the first time and aims to challenge our concept of walls. Borrington and Shapira write that “Walls have two sides, though we live in a world accustomed to seeing only one at our homes, offices, hotels and underground stations without thinking what is happening on the other side”.

Exploring this idea Shapira and Borrington are building a wall installation whilst living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. With Shapira living in the United States and Borrington based in the UK, the artists will make artworks on opposite sides - one prior to viewing what the other artist is making and the other after communicating. In the artist's own words “we build walls to separate differences rather than breaking them down to solve conflict”, this project will challenge our notion of walls and what they mean in our lives.


The Fury Jukebox, Zena Edwards, Rasheeda Nalumoso, Cherrelle Skeete and Kate Pearson

Three female artists desire to create an art installation piece reflecting on women and girls anger, influenced by their respective art forms of Poetry, Live literature, the influence of the movement, images, photography and the art craft of 'Binding’.

The group installation piece - The Fury Jukebox - will be a vehicle to share and discuss stories about Anger, perceptions of anger and transformative solutions to anger through reflecting on diverse stories where people have experienced anger.


Individual Submissions

The Urban Dialogues exhibition brings together 24 artists with unique perspectives on who we are and what we believe.  Working across a range of media, the rich variety of works explore the personal questions and provocations inspired by a theme of identity, faith, and belief in contemporary society. The exhibition is curated by Michael Regan.

Hannah Habibi’s re-imagining of the Pre-Raphelite representation of female beauty, Adam Walker’s installation exploring tensions of privacy and communality and Said Adrus’ Lost Pavillion series are just some of the highlights to feature in this diverse art exhibition.

Artists: Eran Tsafrir, Nataliia Taranuka, Sally Annett, Garry Doherty, Antony Ward, Christopher Clack, Said Adrus, Bernie Campbell, Flora Bowden, Jaykoe, Saba Syed, Hannah Habibi, Eoin McGinn, Tessa Brown, Adam Walker, Helen Wilks, Romina Khanom, Jacqueline Nicholls, Sara Core

Urban Dialogues is more than an exhibition and will also host some of London's finest musicians, artists, performers and thinkers at four special events.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 12:00 to Monday, October 14, 2013 - 18:00