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  • ICN Gallery 96-98 Leonard Street London, England, EC2A 4RH United Kingdom (map)

The JapaneseICN Gallery based in Shoreditch are proud to present the Art of Green Tea.  ICN representatives from the gallery will be explaining the best and easiest process to make green tea.

AOI Tea is from Shizuoka City, Honyama Area. It's hilly there with the river called Abe-kawa River. The natural mist covers the tea farm, so the tea trees do not grow bitterness and astringency too much, giving very sweet and mild flavor.

You may have heard Matcha and Gyokuro. They cover the tea trees artificially to prevent the sun from shining too much in order to control bitterness and astringency, but our AOI Teas in Honyama Area do not need this process and we use the natural mist.

The most important process is "hand rubbing". We steam the tea leaves for the right length of time to enhance the best taste and rub the tea leaves while heating to get the best taste.

Since the process is done by hand for the top quality AOI Tea, we don't have much to talk about the factory, but obviously, normal quality household teas are done by modern machines in a factory in Honyama Area, where the cleanliness is the top priority.

Green tea powder's rich dietary fiber helps prevent constipation. Drinking green tea powder daily helps slow down nature's aging process and keep your skin beautiful thanks to rich Vitamin C and catechin. In addition, taking catechin with milk increases absorptivity into the blood by 30%. Our catechin-rich green tea powder has a little astringency. Mixing it with milk softens the bitterness, making the tasty green tea latte. It's the best way to drink green tea powder by mixing with milk.

Finally, ICN Gallery, 96-98 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH, is holding “Seijiro Niwa, the way of mending holes” until 25 May (Sat). Please do stop by.

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