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  • RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

Beauty is in the street; the phrase from the iconic poster created by the art students at the École des Beaux-Arts in 1968 still carries the spirit of the social revolution of ’68 that today seems more topical than ever. Europe is in the middle of a financial recession and political crisis, in which phenomena of political oppression, abuse of power and fascism thrive, challenging the social structures, the notions of unity and solidarity. Therefore, is it possible to perceive contemporary art independently from today’s political and social context?

Politics and art are two complementary entities that draw inspiration from each other and deeply connect. According to Bourriaud’s idea of relation aesthetics, art brings social links between people; the artwork is there to create a social space where people will experience reality. A reality aesthetically re-formed by the artist, in order to play the role of the encounter between the artistic practice and the audience. “Art is the state of the encounter” and the product of this encounter becomes the subject, which is intensively social and political. The spaces of everyday life, as the art gallery or even the streets of a city, is the “arena”, where this dialogue is taking place, providing the conditions, the specific time/space, when/where this political project merges. However, is the Beauty of an artwork enough to trigger our aesthetic antennas and to become the cause of social interaction and maybe the beginning of social change?

Art in the Days of Haze provides an experimental conceptual ground for the two entities to be developed and attempts to become Bourriaud’s “arena of exchange” within the exhibition’s micro community.


Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 

17:00 to 23:30