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  • RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 

19:00 to 21:30

What's that?! EAST LONDON STRIPPERS COLLECTIVE are organising an exhibition of their OWN art work? AND a series of events running alongside it to ACKNOWLEDGE AND CELEBRATE the creativity and culture of the local strip club scene? And YOU are invited to be PART OF IT?!

ELSC are a bunch of feisty, articulate, fiercely independent women, who also happen to be strippers. They have come together as a collective, out of shared grievances they have about the poor working conditions and exploitative business practises within their industry. They also lament the stigma surrounding their job; the lack of wider public understanding about what they do, compounded by negative connotations created by poor representations in mainstream media, combined with “feminist” campaigns that seek to erase their industry and destroy their livelihoods.

To fight back, ELSC are planning a multi faceted event, the Art of Stripping, to celebrate the culture, art and aesthetic of their private universe. As talented women, they are visual artists and view what they do as an art from like any other, a practise that takes time to develop and cultivate. ELSC wishes to challenge the stigma that surrounds their job by inviting new audiences to come and explore their world, and to see what they do from a fresh perspective. ELSC wish to generate a culture of respect around their jobs, and to start by publicly recognising the value and worth of their creative energy.

Included in this week long series of events will be one of their carefully organised, and extremely popular life drawing classes - a rare opportunity to capture expert pole dance and striptease in motion. Our doors are open to professional artists, designers, sketchers, illustrators, animators, doodlers, students and first-timers alike. Members of the ELSC are among some of the best performers in London, and we are challenging stereotypes and societal attitudes towards strippers by inviting new audiences and a different type of voyeur.

We have worked out a section of the class called "strip-freeze" - a strip performance interspersed with one minute poses. As the model performs a strip show on stage, our teacher will call out "freeze" giving the class one minute to capture her pose before she continues moving. This section is a warm-up exercise for the class, and is an intense drawing experience. After this there are longer poses, for five, ten and fifteen minutes, in-keeping with a more traditional life drawing class.

As well as taking part in the class, attendees will also have the chance to see the Art of Stripping exhibition, which will be on view within the Red Gallery building and contains artwork contributed by ELSC members, including Vera Rodriguez, Millie Robson, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes and Stacey Clare.

Drinks will be served at the bar, and the class will be lead but not tutored. £15 per person, £10 for students (We have a limited number of spaces for students -

IF YOU ARE STUDENT AND WOULD LIKE TO BOOK PLEASE MESSAGE US FIRST, as students are booked separately.) All levels of ability welcome, same for gender. All materials are available for a £2 donation.

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