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Promised Land On England’s Pleasant Pastures Seen!

  • RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

An exhibition of photography, films, writings, live music, Dj’s, oral history and workshops.

 PV: Wednesday 3rd May 6 pm, Entry strictly by guest list Only: SEE DICE LINK

Although terms like ‘gentrification’ and ‘urban regeneration’ have become media buzzwords in recent times, the assault laid on London’s decaying cultures has been happening for several decades now. The city’s accelerated growth and evolution has seen cultural movements – large and small – come and go with an almost ruthless proficiency. However, it is in London’s East end that the death-grip of neoliberal urban regeneration can be best witnessed.

Between Thursday 4th and Sunday 14th May, Red Gallery will be hosting an exhibition celebrating the social and cultural movements that have arisen in the east-end of London, with particular attention to the night-time economy from the late-70s onwards.

Through expansive use of visual imagery and oral histories via a series of photography, talks and screenings, we aim to show that the current attack on club culture and the night-time industry in East London is not an isolated phenomenon, but that it is part of a wider and more complex web of factors.

While much focus lies on current issues (such as the recent closure of fabric nightclub) there’s no question that the current state of affairs is part of a wider historical narrative that stretches as far back as the 1970s, one that is dominated by London’s political/economic ideologies and the city’s insatiable thirst for financial wealth.

It is the fight for land and property in the east-end of London that is the common thread that links the disappearance of our creative networks and culture, as part of a much bigger plan to clear London for the super rich. Clubs and pubs are often the first spaces to experience the polarization of this financial wealth and political power, and it is the criminalisation of these spaces that sparks a chain of events: licensing difficulties, followed by closure, then sold off to the highest bidder. As both large and small-scale venues shut at an alarming rate, rent and the cost of living shoots up, pricing out the communities who have rooted their lives in these places.

It’s a common story being told throughout London, but in particular those areas directly linked to the ‘regeneration’. As the city gorges on itself, we find ourselves in a critical time.

The story begins with the Dockers in the late ‘70s, then moves on to the squatter’s movement, the fight for social housing, the M11 protests, through to our fight to save our music, club and dance spaces. Alongside the exhibitions there’ll also be live music, DJs, and workshops.

Photography will be shown by David Hoffman, Grant Flemming, Phil Maxwell, Raju Vaidyanathan, Molly Macindoe and Nick Ensing – with a wide range of coverage that includes the Docker’s strike of 1970, public services closures, the Olympics project, as well as a number of other significant protests and events that have happened in the region.

Panel discussions include – In Defence of Our Culture, covering the affects of urban regeneration in London, The Art of Resistance, exploring the role of art and music in protest, with workshops on how to make your own voice heard – whether it’s on social media or making your own placards.

Promised Land, 3-14th May


  • David Hoffman
  • Grant Flemming
  • Phil Maxwell
  • Raju Vaidyanathan
  • Molly Macindoe
  • Nick Ensing

Protests (images)include:

Dockers strike of the 70’, Squatters, Closure of Fire Stations, Closure of GP Surgeries, Housing – E15 women, Olympics – protests and legacy, Transport – the fight by the RMT(rmt should be part of the talks) , Anti-Racism, Brexit and the East End (criminal justice- M11 protests), News International – Wapping. M11. pubs/cafes closed down – All Nations, The 4 Aces, The Vibe Bar – Brick Lane cafes.

Events include:

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Exhibition open to the public from Thursday 4th – Weds 14th of May 2017

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