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Lone Taxidermist - Trifle launch

  • Red Gallery 1-3 Rivington Street London, England, EC2A 3DT United Kingdom (map)

Lone TaxidermistPresents TRIFLE

TRIFLE Album Launch with full fat feminist arse-on-ist performance art troupe. Cream, inflatables, plastic , sex , surrealism , wet and messy sounds, asmr, seven foot squirting vaginas and a lot of TRIFLE set to the visual back drop of Ross Blakes disturbing cake sitting female grooming subversions


Fresh from the twisted machinations and fertile imagination of Cumbrian-born, London-dwelling artist and seer Natalie Sharp, Lone Taxidermist’s debut album ‘Trifle’ is a gallery of grotesquery not recommended for either the nervous of disposition or lactose intolerant. Arriving from a nocturnal world of sex and skullduggery, these irreverent and outlandish ditties exist on a unique psychic realm in which profane and profound happily step out together on the lash - a collision between the high-maintenance and the kitchen sink that’s a feverish spectacle to behold.

Along with her co-conspirators Philip Winter (Wrangler/Tuung) and Will Kwerk, Sharp decamped to the splendid isolation of the otherworldly Bodmin Moor studio of Benge (John Foxx & The Maths/Wrangler) to sculp this unique and deliriously disconcerting confection, equally informed by post-punk angularities and electronic experimentation.

Invariably on the lookout for new and surreal dimensions of expression, Sharp’s malicious metier lurks somewhere between the eldritch diva manifestations of Diamanda Galas and the wry reflections of Victoria Wood, yet equally driven by a magpie spirit and conceptual chutzpah redolent of Leigh Bowery and an acidic wit damaged by John Cooper Clarke. It’s a stylistic path that has led to her being increasingly over-subscribed as collaborative maverick of choice for a dizzying array of artists, including recent work with Jenny Hval and Gazelle Twin.

Yet for now, our just desserts can be found within ‘Trifle’, an unflinching glimpse into a world created and (for her sins) lived in by Sharp, where glamour and gluttony marry as harmoniously as frozen summer fruits, gelatine, custard and cream. The proof, in this case, is very much in the pudding.


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  • Psychosexual rhythmic noise, blackest ever beats, tortured banshee wails, skullcaving drone, sonic, visual and physical over-stimulation.
  • Using Unsettling Noise, distressed screams, handmade electronics and found objects pushed through pedals, Aja Ireland's indutrial beats and distorted drone are her very personal, physical exploration around themes of sexuality, gender and the contemporary condition.

Chloe Frieda DJ -

  • Founder of Alien Jams label, Chloe Frieda has a special fondness for bizarre and obscure electronics. Starting out as a fortnightly NTS show focusing on electronic music throughout history. . Putting out records since 2014 including Karen Gwyer & Beatrice Dillon

Stephen Malinder DJ -

  • Stephen Mallinder or Mal from Cabaret Voltaire is one of the most influential UK musicians of the last few decades. Forming in the mid seventies in Sheffield Cabaret Voltaire pioneered both electronic music and the Sheffield scene and were also key in the post punk scene in Manchester where their electronic adventures and dark edged music were very much part of the fabric of the times.
  • Currently living in Brighton Mal is currently recording and playing with Phil Winter of Tunng & Lone taxidermist and Benge (Memetune) under the name Wrangler. He is a Dr of disco.


  • Adrian Winter DJ
  • Short film screenings from surrealist underground auteurs and a * * Surprise showing!
  • Immersive inflatable squirting vaginas