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Club Culture Exhibition - Berlin

  • tresor Köpenicker Straße Berlin, Berlin Germany (map)

Tresor club, Red Gallery, ourhistory Archives and British Council Germany presenting


  • 1 Collective History.

  • 6 Cultural Movement.

  • 6 Exhibitions.

  • 150 Photographs.

Berlin’s Tresor with its cultural heritage  is the perfect location to exhibit these archives, the tresor  space as an experience opened up to all and allowing those who have never visited the club to experience the space in a different context. The 4 hour event/ exhibition subverts the standard gallery format to create a lasting memory and a platform for discussion. The audience is encouraged to take pictures, share and engage.

Featuring carefully selected content from the past 15 years of exhibitions, the Red Gallery’s Ourhistory Archives boast exclusive and rarely seen photographs of some of Europe's most exciting club cultural movements - from the inception of Tresor and Berlin techno in the 90's, to Parisian ‘French Touch’ and Spain's La Movida Madrileña. For the first time in Berlin, these works will be displayed and curated as one whole inter-connected history.

Individually the photographs from each of these movements tell an amazing story of their own, but when these archives are put together these images begin to narrate a whole new collective history.

Without negating the role of the DJ, these photographs show the importance of the every-day people that participated in these events at bunkers, factories, rooftops, afterhours and beyond. As a viewer, you immediately understand the energy that these photographs capture.

The exhibitions act as a platform to bring together artists, photographers, promoters, adventure-seekers, dreamers and revolutionaries in a collective celebration of music, art and culture.

CLUB CULTURE exhibition featuring archives from Berlin 1900/2000 (tresor/After the fall), Estonian 1970’s (Soviet Hippies), Milan (Spaghetti Disco) Italo Disco, Parisian (French Touch), Madrid 78/85 (La Movida Madrilena) & UK acid house graphics and photographs.


UK Club Culture: Michele Baron, Jan Bernet, Alla Boganovic, Debbie Bragg, Tree Carr, Todd Graft, Roslyn Gaunt, Harry Harrington, Douglas Hart, Nick Insign, Matt Kelly, Chris Low, Gavin Mills, Molly Macindoe, Jason Manning, Kevin Martin, Roger Mils, Normski, Vickie Parker, Matt Smith, Dave Swindells, Visionary Underground, Dougie Wallace, more tba.

La Movida Madrileña: Javier Astudillo Archive, Ouka Leele, Miguel Trillo.

Soviet Hippies: Kiwa, Iti Teder, Terje Toomistu Archive.

Spaghetti Disco: Micaela Cesare, Maria Grazia.

Berlin 1990/2000: Ben di Biel, Tilman Brembs, Dimitri Hegemann/Tresor Archives.

French Touch: Joahnn Bouche-Pillon, Olivier Degorce, Eduard Hartigan, Prisca Lobjoy, Noise of Art.

Red Gallery/ourhistory in association with Noise of Art, Lorenzo Cibario, Javier Astudillo personal archive, Kiwa, Terje Toomistu Archive.

 (Please note photographs are not for sale but if interested we can put you in touch with the artist)

Earlier Event: 3 October