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Martin Beck Film Screening - Last Night

  • Red Gallery 1-3 Rivington Street London uk (map)
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Martin Beck Installation - Last Night, 13 Hour Screening for Red Gallery and Tim Lawrence  2018

Organized in the order they were played at the seminal NYC dance party The Loft on 2 June 1984

  • Martin Beck
  • Last Night, 2016
  • Film screening
  • 12 midday and 2am

On June 9, 2018, Red Gallery presents Martin Beck’s epic film work Last Night. Over the course of thirteen-and-half hours the film features the 118 songs played by David Mancuso on June 2nd, 1984 at the last party of the 99 Prince Street location of the seminal New York dance party, the Loft. The film shows each record being played from beginning to end in the sequence Mancuso played them. The records play on a vintage Thorens turntable in a domestic setting. Using ten different camera angles, the closely framed views onto the records shift from one record to the next, thereby creating a continuously varied sequence of perspectives that is guided by the musical arc of the historic party. The complete sequence of songs amounts to approximately thirteen hours, offering an intimate sonic journey mirroring a particular night at a particular moment in time.

Beginning on Valentine’s Day 1970, David Mancuso started to regularly host dance parties at his home on 647 Broadway and, from the mid ’70s on, at 99 Prince Street in New York City. What came to be known as the Loft parties were unique in their combination of communal atmosphere and high quality sound, centered around music and dancing. The Loft became a legendary blueprint after which many celebrated disco-era New York clubs tried to model themselves. The Loft parties, however, retained their intimacy through being invitation-only with no commercial agenda. Mancuso’s focus was on the sonic voyage the records and their sequencing created. Mancuso did not mix or blend records. He played each song from beginning to the end, no matter its length; when one record finished, the next record went on.

Last Night is a poetic construction—revisiting the records that, in mid 1984, generated the exuberance of a communal event. The film represents as much a private experience as it is a memory of something that actually happened: a construction that speaks of history and love, of pleasure and time.

Martin Beck

Last Night, 2016

13 hours 29 minutes

this screening is kindly supported by Lond Metropolitan University

Martin Beck (born 1963, Bludenz, Austria) is a visual artist living and working in New York City. His work has been internationally shown in museums and galleries, most recently at Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Vienna, Austria; Kunsthalle Bergen, Norway; and The Kitchen in New York. WEBSITE HERE

The presentation of Martin Beck’s film at Red Gallery in London is part of the project collaboration between Red Gallery and Tim Lawrence “Presenting: Creativity, Collectivity, Convergence! New York City Party Culture, 1970-83” MORE INFO HERE

Martin Beck is represented NYC  47 Canal gallery. HERE

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